Meet Mataya, my buddy

In my last post, I told you about being matched with a buddy in the I Run 4 Michael facebook group, but didn’t want to share her name or photos until I got permission.


Meet Mataya! Isn’t she the cutest?! She’s 7 months old, has 4 siblings, lives in Minnesota, and is amazing. In the past 7 months she has:

  • beaten cancer
  • had 2 helicopter rides
  • 5 surgeries
  • 7 rounds of chemo
  • 51 blood product transfusions
  • almost 1,000 labs/scans/images done
  • spent 5 months inpatient at a hospital 2.5 hours away from home
  • been a resident in the NICU, PICU, and PEDS.

It is obvious that she has had the most amazing people in her life to get her healthy. The day we were matched, it was love at first sight. There’s something so special about not only Mataya, but her hard working Mama as well. It’s been fun getting to know them all this past week.


Each Sunday, I’ll be sharing a recap of our week – my workouts and her progress & milestones.






Dream really freaking B.I.G.

Sometimes the road less traveled will lead us to the exact place we need to be.

For me, training solo for my second marathon this past year was that path. I learned so much about myself. I am stronger than I ever thought I was and I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind to. I have big dreams and goals for myself, and I don’t plan on stopping until I achieve them. And when I do, I will have bigger dreams and goals to reach towards after that!

The days you are most uncomfortable are the days you learn the most about yourself!

Anyone else have an Ah-Ha moment on a journey to crush dreams and goals ?

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(another) New Month, New Beginning

Ah, a new month. What better time to hit reset, refocus and regroup. There is no need to wait for New Years Eve to make changes in life. The way I see it, each month is a chance to reset; make adjustments & continue working towards being the best version of yourself.

I have big dreams. Some of them being I want to run more, I want to run faster. The list goes on. When training for a race, naturally you’ll see me in better shape & making healthier decisions knowing I have a long training runs ahead. Lately, I’ve found myself working out, but not as hard as I capable of, or as often as I should. Been living in funkville and for some reason, just haven’t been able to find the bus for my ride out. I can assume what you are thinking here –‘then sign up for a race’.

That’s the expensive answer. Races aren’t cheap. Sure a discount code helps on the cost of the race, but it’s all the other costs that begin to add up.  It’s the ride share app (which is usually surging both ways due to demand) or parking. If it’s a race getaway then it’s the flights & the hotel. The experiences are my absolute favorite & I will continue to do them, but in moderation as I do not so much enjoy the money I hemorrhage for this hobby.  Plus after a long week of work, I like to leave the weekends for adventures with my hubby.It’s all about balance.

After I got back from the LA Marathon (which was February 14, 2015, yes it’s been awhile) I took the time and planned out a training schedule pretending to be prepping for a race. It didn’t work. There was nothing to motivate me & keep me engaged. Sad right?

A friend suggested I look for a buddy. Someone I can run for. Someone who would look forward to my notes a few times a week. GENIUS! If you scroll back a few blog posts, (like this one for Meagan or this one for my mother in law, Marie. This one for sweet Maggie )  you’ll see I have dedicated some of my runs to loved ones, and even to strangers I have personally never met, but their story touched my heart. This was it. A buddy, an inexpensive way to keep myself motivated and be inspired by someone else.

Searching the magical land called Facebook, I found it: I Run For Michael . This is a community forum for inspiration from those who have special needs and for you to inspire others with YOUR story and who YOU run for! Um hello!!! Where has this been my whole (5 year) running life?

The wait list is lengthy. I knew when I put my name on it, it would be months before I was potentially matched. My guess was October. Well, I took a peak today at the listing and I am at number 94!! This means in the next couple weeks (hopefully), I will be matched with my I Run For buddy.

I am beyond excited and can’t wait to meet my match. Running for a purpose….that, that is what motivates and inspires me to get up and go.

What motivates you to get out there and run?



you never know who you are inspiring …

I want to thank everyone who reached out and left a kind note in my inbox, a comment on a blog, a text, a phone call etc. I don’t write my blog for attention. I write my blog to create awareness. I write my blog to keep all my thoughts in one place for myself so when I need the motivation, I know exactly where to go. I write my blog for others to read hoping I motivate or inspire someone to reach for that goal they have in the back of their mind but are scared to go for.

If you have a dream or a goal, GO FOR IT! The only person stopping you from achieving it, is yourself. I never in a million years thought I could run or that I would love it the way that I do today. Look at me now.

Success is the result of clear goals, unshakable confidence, proper planning, enthusiastic action and consistent persistence

Here are a few of my facebook posts from the past two years  followed by an amazing note I received yesterday that has left me completely speechless, emotional and full of tears. I love you H. Go for your goal. YOU can do it! I will forever be (one of) your biggest cheerleader. ❤

I just signed up for my very first 5K! I can not believe I just paid to run for fun. I am excited and a little nervous.

First 5K completed! 28 minutes. Yahoo!

Two months ago today I started running. Tonight I will be running the Saunders 10k. Proud moment.

Huge thank you to Runners Alley for helping me achieve this GINORMOUS goal!! Thank you Betsy for always being so upbeat & supportive! Thank you Briana for pushing me to sprint up Harrison St during hill repeats when I wanted to walk! Thank you Jill for being a great leader on our early Saturday morning runs! I’m going to enjoy this moment for a very long time!!!

First 1/2 marathon completed! 2:08:57. :0) Thank you all for the support. Feeling great.

Today I celebrate my 1 yr anniversary of running. 3 half marathons and 25+ races…looking forward to another great season. Never say never!

Yesterday, I completed my 5th half marathon. Each race this past year has been special in its own way. I usually dedicate a mile or two to someone to help me get thru when the running gets tough.Yesterdays 13.1 mile journey was dedicated 100% to Kyle’s mom. On the back of my bib I taped my profile picture and wrote “run with your heart not with your legs”. That’s exactly what we did. We ran with our hearts. I will never forget the way I felt yesterday.Thank you Mama B for the inspiration, motivation, support & endless love.Love you, Baby B


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Thank you again for the love and the support.